What to Do if Layoff is Coming

You have heard rumors that a layoff is on its way where you are employed. Then one day, you receive the notice that the rumor is true and now you are wondering what in the world you will do without this income.

The answer is not a hard one. Begin preparing as soon as you receive notice - do not wait until the day they tell you are laid off.

File for unemployment benefits as soon as you receive notice; just remember to give them date that you will no longer be employed. If you wait until you are out of work, you may not see a check for quite a while.

You can either visit the employment office or in some cases apply on online to your state agency. You will need information such as length of employment and your social security number in order to receive unemployment benefits.

You will receive a percentage of your base pay, which will be gathered over the last year of your employment. The amount you will receive is different for each state so you will not be able to just second guess what you will receive do to what a family or friend received in another state.

To learn more about unemployment benefits you can visit the US Department of Labor website.

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