Become a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

When you really get into self development, it's natural to want to become a certified practitioner with a law of attraction certification to teach others and help many more people to improve their lives in so many ways through your own developed knowledge and understanding.

There are some excellent coaching programs available to help you achieve that goal and here are a few pointers to get you started.

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The first thing you need to keep in mind is that this is still a difficult concept for many people to accept.

The best course of action once you are qualified to practice as a life coach is to let people come to you rather than over zealously try to force it on them.

law of attraction certified practitionerJust think of how you feel when faced with the kind of over-the-top religious preacher that is wholly intent on ramming his or her beliefs down your throat no matter what you're standpoint on the matter may be.

You'll attract more actively interested folks by taking a more softly, softly approach because people are curious to know about things they don't know about but get easily put off when forced to listen.

The Best Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Course

I'll come right out and say that the best way to achieve certified coach status is to take one of the top Law of Attraction certification courses for practitioners that are currently available online at the moment.

And that is the excellent training course created and promoted by:

via the Global Sciences Foundation.

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It is a home study course that culminates with an accredited certificate to practice that is widely accepted worldwide. You can visit the official website and see for yourself by clicking this link:


There you'll find a full detailed explanation of what the course is made up of and how easy it is to study, learn and understand. After all, one of the world's leading personal development and life laws mentors, Joe Vitale is the course author!

Extending Your Own Learning

You might feel that you fully understand how this attractive force is working in our lives, but I feel this is one area that is not really fully understood even by the experts, although what is known thus far is fairly in-depth.

So few even realize that part of the action of the Law of Attraction is that predominantly negative self-talk is holding them back in life, while propagating the more helpful positive self-talk can make a positive difference in their lives.

You never stop learning in life and I believe that continued study in this area is vital to stay on top of it and keep it working in the best way possible with what is currently known about it.

Taking a course such as this not only helps you increase your own knowledge and understanding, but also helps to consolidate what you already know and maintain a high level of motivation and eagerness to know more.

The top teachers will tell you that once you learn a subject by committing it to memory, you never really "know" that subject until you make it live in your daily life by continually practising it.

Taking it Forward

The beauty of attaining a coaching qualification such as this is that your next step forward is to spread the word in a professional way by holding our own classes and lectures.

Face to face training is the best kind for students because they can not only get the information in a way they can understand it, but they also get to soak up the atmosphere and positive vibe of a learning experience that exists in the classroom.

Teaching this subject naturally calls on the coach to transmit their own enthusiasm to the students which is picked up and spread around, enthusing all with a positive experience that keeps people coming back for more.

It can be a truly fulfilling experience for all involved while furthering your own reputation as a great coach which will have the added effect of making you very sought after not just by students by also by companies looking to motivate and incentivize their staff.

Some coaches make a good living from a profession that in most cases started out as a keen interest. And you could be joining them. Take a look at Dr Vitale's coaching program right now and see for yourself the possibilities that could launch your own career and vocation as a trainer and coach in your own right:


PS: There is a surprisingly affordable one-time payment for the full home study training that you can do at your own pace. It's a very small price to pay for what could be a life changing event for you!

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Please make sure you take advantage of the special limited discount offer (only $47) while it's still available!

It can be taken down at any moment! When it's gone, it's gone.

Remember (from The Secret): all the Law requires is that you take action to make it work in your life.

Take action now!

Take the next important step in your journey to self improvement and the realization of your dreams by enrolling on this training course while it's affordable and still available at the discount price!

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Last Updated: Monday, December 11 2023