About Us

Welcome to The Thinker's Journal of Imaginative, Creative Laws. This is a website that is all about the way in which a person can use their power of thought to first imagine then create ideas in ways that are governed by natural law.

The incredible thing about this concept is that it is not reserved for the rich and powerful but is freely available to anyone and everyone to use. The reasoning behind that statement is simple:

Every living person has a mind and that mind is capable of independent thought. Thought produces ideas and ideas can lead to creations that can benefit the creator as well as all of mankind if used correctly.

Every single man-made creation that we can see today is the result of an idea.

Ideas are what created our world and gave us all the things we often take for granted. Everything from the smallest item like a clothes peg or paper clip to huge machines capable of leveling mountains and digging deep into the earth's crust along with rockets that can fly astronauts and equipment into space, to the moon, the planets in our solar system and someday: beyond!

Never belittle or dis-count the power of thought, imagination, ideas and just what exactly those ideas are truly capable of!

Imagination and Creation

A large part of what I cover in this website has its basis in the imagination itself coupled with the creative power of the mind. It's interesting to note that every living human being possesses a functioning mind that incorporates the imagination along with the other mental faculties that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

I often hear people ponder the age-old question of why are we here on this Earth?

One rather fitting answer could very well be that (assuming the acceptance of what is written in our Bible), we were placed here in God's image to do God's work. What is God's work?


Applying our mental faculty of reason to this ponderance, it makes sense then that if God's work is creation, then we are meant to carry out that work too. In other words, our work and our reason for being here... is to create!

In our own way, as we strive to better ourselves and grow spiritually as well as technologically, our ability to create a better world for us to live in gets ever better.

Should we not then, be using our creative abilities to make our world a better, more peaceful and productive place instead of abusing that gift to create the engines of war and conflict?

I think so.