Female Body Language Signs of Attraction (How to Read Them!)

Most guys would love to know for sure if a gorgeous woman they see across a room is attracted to them.

Knowing how to read the mysterious female body language signs of attraction is a valuable skill that can be learned (and used to great advantage)!

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body language of womenPossessing this skill can overcome the common obstacle of not knowing if your advances will be accepted or rebuked by a woman you're attracted to (and would love to get to know)!

Knowing how to attract a mate is vitally important for any species to survive.

But when we humans try to attract each other, a lot of the time the message just doesn't get interpreted by the other person and the chance is lost.

This mostly happens when a woman is attracted to a man and despite her unconscious body language SCREAMING at him to notice her, he just doesn't hear.

What's going on? Why are most men so hopeless at picking up on the primal, non-verbal communication abilities we have all been equipped with?

Is This You?

Here's a (hypothetical) example you may have experienced at some time.

You're a single man (in pretty good shape) and across the room you just walked into is a single woman (also in pretty good shape). And she has noticed you.

You noticed her too. The question of whether you should go over and introduce yourself is on your mind.

But wait. You're holding hold back. Why? You're not sure of yourself.

What if she rejects you and it makes you feel stupid, clumsy or it dents your ego?

For many guys, that's already enough negative self-talk happening inside your head to cause you to lose your nerve. You avoid looking at her and find an excuse to turn and leave the room as fast as you can.

How would you feel? Foolish? Clumsy? Maybe a little crestfallen because you failed to seize what might have been an amazing opportunity.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

Is there a non-verbal signal you can use to make a woman want to approach you? YES there IS!

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Or read through the next few paragraphs until you get to it (it's further down the page). I'm sure you really don't want to keep missing opportunity after opportunity.

Back to the Example Scenario

What about the woman you walked out on?

She is likely feeling a little angry and frustrated that you ignored her and wondering why. Quite rightly so, because she undoubtedly gave you the right unspoken signals from afar that should have caused you to come over and say, "Hi."

What really happened there was you (the man) simply didn't know how to interpret the unspoken signals the woman was sending over to you. If you had known what they were and what they meant, the outcome could have been very different indeed!

Why Don't Men Know How to Read a Woman's Body Language?

There are a number of theories into why men are so clueless when it comes to reading a woman's body language. But when you think about it, what does it matter knowing a bunch of theory about why something doesn't work?

A far better way to spend your time is to stop stressing over the "why not's" and start educating yourself in the "how you can's!"

The reason for this is that positive action taken will reap far greater rewards in a practical sense than battling to understand theories. Especially the kind that will, for the most part, get you nowhere fast!

So let's look at some of the more obvious physical signals that a woman will be sending when she finds a man attractive enough to want to initiate contact. And perhaps take things further.

Body Language Signs She Likes You

Let's return to our across the room scenario from above. Let's press the rewind button on the scene to take it back to the point where you (the man) has noticed her (the woman) across the room.

She is looking over directly at you. At this point the worst thing you can do is go all shy and look away, followed by walking away.

Stop. Compose yourself. Look at her. Look at the signals she is sending you.

"But I don't know what signals she is sending me," you might think. Don't worry, because I am going to tell you what to look for:

Easy to Read Signs from a Distance:

There are two possible scenarios here that look promising from a distance.

  1. She is facing you directly. Her head, torso and feet all angled so as to point directly at you. She is fully engaged. She is unconsciously making it obvious that she is interested in you. That's the green light to go over and say, "Hi."
  2. Her head and her torso are angled to point at you. But one of (or both) her feet are angled away from you. Engagement is not complete and she may not be completely sure she wants to make close contact. As she is wavering but still looking in your direction, it might still be worth walking over to say, "Hi."

Either way, getting in close is an excellent move to allow you to watch for more tell-tale unspoken signals that you might miss from a distance.

Close-Up Signs to Watch For:

When you get closer together, there will be slightly more subtle signs you can watch out for that will give the game away.

Good Signs:

Flared nostrils are a sure sign she is physically attracted to you and excited, perhaps in anticipation of physical contact and even a kiss. If you're seeing this and she's also smiling and making solid eye contact with you, be yourself and don't try to overact because it's you she's interested in!

If she's nervous, it is likely a good thing too because it means she wants to make a good impression on you so that you'll like her (if she's not sure if you do or not yet). You can pick out signals that will tell you this.

The most obvious signals of nervousness are self-pacifying behaviour, like:

...for example. These signals usually don't occur in isolation (if they do you could misinterpret), but will be done together or one after the other, for instance fiddling with a bracelet and then touching her neck

This is also an excellent excuse to be really nice and help her calm those nerves!

Not so Good Signs:

As you get in close, you'll be able to see if she has changed her mind when faced with the prospect of making contact.

The most obvious sign she has decided she does not want to pursue you further is a sudden change in stance. She may keep her head pointed at you but she moves her torso and feet to angle away from you. She doesn't hold eye contact with you, rather looking away often as if searching the room for a better alternative.

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Chances are in this situation you would be best off making some simple excuse to not engage in conversation, for instance politely saying hi but not stopping to talk.

How to Become an Expert Female Body Language Interpreter

Sure, the above examples are useful and relatively sure to be accurate in most situations.

But it would pay big bonuses to learn how the female body language of attraction works in far more detail.

Armed with this kind of specialized knowledge, you would be able to tell at a glance whether any woman you have your sights on is interested in you. When you know if she is going to reciprocate, things could lead to physical contact and even romance along the way!

There are many unconscious physical signals that men and women display to alert a each other that they're very interested in them. The basics are easy to learn at first before moving onto the more subtle and powerful signs.

Those signs can be read and decoded by anyone with the knowledge and skill to see them.

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Last Updated: 22nd January, 2023