Are Unions Needed?

Unions are suppose to be in place to aid employees with worker and management relations, but do we really needs unions? Around 9 percent of the population works with a union and this could be a reason that drives prices higher for products and services.

Wal-Mart on the other hand, is not unionized. Sam Walton the man that organized and built this company believed more in providing employees the money they needed in order to buy his products and did not feel like a union was important. Many have tried in vain to turn Wal-Mart into a unionized company.

Of course, if a person does not like working at a company that does not have a union, they can quit. However, these are the things that bring on high pricing for consumer goods. When an employee quits, another will have to be trained and the cost for this will be turned to the consumer.

Free market is one of things our country was founded upon and it is still very prevalent in today's society. Wal-Mart is an excellent example of a free market offering comparative wages and keeping costs low for consumers. The choice for looking for a union job or working in a free market enterprise is yours, however, if a large corporation such as Wal-Mart is doing well, why go with a unionized company.


Another side to this concept comes into play when it becomes obvious that the right education can open doors that the lack of such cannot. It's plain to see in every walk of life that where a person has furthered their intellectual knowledge on a specialized subject of their choosing, their stock automatically goes up in the employment market place.

That specialization can take many forms from health and medical subjects to the many facets of law, to engineering and architecture, to economic and financial pursuits or retail and manufacturing business. The sky truly is the limit if a person wishes to specialize in aviation or their focus could move below the waves in deep sea exploration and marine biology.

The point is that getting caught up in a rut where you are forever chasing the easy option instead of working hard and going after the best option leads to the mentality that employment must be unionized for the employee to be protected from the whims of an uncaring management structure. This is of course untrue, because when you make yourself a great asset to any company by becoming the best you can be in your chosen field, the idea of a union can actually be a braking influence on your potential progress up the ladder to success!


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