Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may be caused from Work

It has emerged that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of those ailments that are hard to determine if the symptoms were brought on a person's job or if it was a pre-existing condition. If the condition was there prior to employment, certain jobs can in fact aggravate the symptoms that were not there prior to working.

If you are trying to receive worker's compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) you may find that in the state you in will require that you prove your employment actually caused CTS while other states are a bit more lenient.

The company itself may have problems trying to prove you had carpal tunnel symptoms prior to your employment due to privacy laws regarding medical records. Many times, they must rely on the individual to tell the truth. As the case comes to court, the judge must rely on the information presented by surgeons, doctors, and EMG/NCS tests.

However, if you did not have an EMG/NCS test prior to working the tests will not have another test to compare with to learn if this was a pre-existing condition. The best way to ensure that you will be protected in the future is to have this type of done performed prior to any type of employment.