Creating Your Life

It may seem almost fantastic to consider that we have at our disposal the means to create our lives the way we want them. Our thoughts, ideas and beliefs combine to generate exactly what they produce from prolonged and constant direction so that our lives are not created by our environments at all.

They are created by what is going on inside our heads!

This article takes a look at the possibilities and opportunities that are presented to all of us all of our lives but that which most of us simply miss because we didn't know they were even there. It ponders the popular theory that what our minds create in the form of ideas and hunches are really signposts to opportunities that we can follow or ignore as we wish if we only knew that we could do that.

What is Going On Inside Our Heads?

Before I get started on this topic, let's get one thing out of the way by understanding that latest concepts about the nature of energy unearthed by quantum physics. That is that everything in the universe is energy and everything else is created from energy, including matter.

Our thoughts are an energy form that can be measured by sensitive equipment and that has been shown to vibrate at various frequencies depending upon the predominant emotion being experienced at the time. Since in our physical form everything we do is governed by our thoughts, both the conscious ones that we are aware of and the unconscious ones that we are not, it must be concluded that our minds control us and everything we do.

Subconscious Control of Life Itself

If you doubt any of that stated in the previous paragraph, think about this: Your body and everything it does from the beating of your heart to the digesting of your food is controlled by the subconscious part of your mind. Your subconscious, via the brain sends millions of instructions through the intricate network of nerve cells throughout your body that fire every muscle at the right time to make everything work in keeping you, me and everybody alive.

So your body does whatever the mind tells it to do. In fact, your body can ONLY do what the mind tells it to do!

But there is a great deal more going on inside that brain of ours than just keeping our bodily functions functioning without us having to give any of it a second thought.

Conscious Awareness

We also have that conscious part of the mind that allows us to think, to consider and resolve problems, to calculate possibilities, to gather and store information, learn and understand what that information is, form language and be able to communicate with others and many more things besides. We are consciously aware of ourselves, our surroundings and of the fact that we are alive and aware of these things!

Putting them Together

The two sides of our minds (conscious and unconscious) work together to make us what we are. Our conscious allows us to think and interact while our unconscious keeps the body doing what it does.

But it also has the capacity to influence our decisions, our behaviour and ultimately the way we live our lives. It does that through stored memories it has access to and stored paradigms that we are for the most part unaware of.

It is the paradigms that control our behaviour for the most part and dictate how we will react to certain situations. Paradigms are nothing more than a collection of deep rooted habits and habits are learned behaviour. Learned behaviour of course can be changed when we decide to do it, but only when we become aware that we need to change it.

Most people go through life never knowing why they are doing things. Yet they do them anyway. And what they do keeps them locked in a way of life that could easily be changed if they knew they could change it.

Knowing this is powerful stuff and when you know it, you can use it to your advantage in really quite dramatic ways. Now let's look at one aspect of this, which is the strange and often fleeting ideas we get that we know better as "hunches."

What is a Hunch Really?

Let's look at what a hunch really is when you take it and dissect it in a logical way without allowing your in-built and pre-programmed beliefs and opinions to colour the facts. When I say facts, I am referring to the revelations of the previous paragraphs, so if you didn't get them just now, go back and read them again until it sinks in.

A hunch is an idea or a notion that jumps into our heads at a random moment and that is generated from the subconscious mind, usually in response to external stimuli.

For example, you could be driving down a road and you might get a hunch to take an earlier turn off to go a slightly different route to your destination, seemingly for no apparent reason. You might follow your hunch and enjoy a trouble-free drive to wherever you're going to. Or you might ignore the hunch and find that a mile down the road there is a traffic jam that holds you up for a while, making you irate and frustrated!

Where did the idea come from to turn off early and how could your unconscious possibly have known about the problems up ahead if there were no signs at the time? The answer is steeped in theory for sure.

Theory or Reality?

But the theory has lately been given some solidity through the concepts unearthed by quantum physics about the ability of our minds to act as a kind of broadcasting and receiving station for other thoughts that are floating about in the ether, just as radio waves are transmitted by radio stations and received by radios many miles away.

The hunch you experienced to turn off early could have come from a random thought picked up by your subconscious from someone up ahead that was stuck in that traffic jam. Their thoughts were so emotionally charged (probably with that feeling of frustration) they permeated the ether like a transmitted radio signal and you unconsciously picked them up. Your unconscious and conscious parts of your mind hooked up briefly to allow that thought to become consciously aware and you experienced it as a hunch.

Many successful people will tell you they make it a habit to always follow their hunches no matter how crazy they might at first seem. It would not be a bad thing for us to take notice of that and do the same thing.

Let the Mind Dictate Our Actions

From this we can see that what goes on inside our minds already dictates our actions, but since most of us don't actively work to control what is going on in there, we are governed primarily by what is going on around us and what is being fed into our minds. We take in information from many places and it is generally that information that dictates our actions.

A huge percentage of the population live their lives by what the television feeds into their brains. That's because they spend so much time watching the TV and letting it feed information in there for their brains to process rather than expanding their minds through creative, original thought and using the imagination more!

If we just stopped letting life control us by flooding our heads with whatever it floods it with and turned it around by filling our heads with original and creative thoughts that we choose, we could literally take control of our lives. We can create our lives through what we think about when we choose the thoughts which ultimately control us.