The Law of Thinking

You're probably wondering how there could even be a law of thought, but while it may not be a written and scientifically verifiable physical law such as the law of gravity for example, it is very real nonetheless.

So what kind of law would govern thought and how can it be used to any advantage?

The short answer is that the way in which thought is actively used can affect the way in which the body reacts to it and that can directly and indirectly affect a person's health in the physical sense while it can also affect a person's emotional state.

In a more ethereal sense, thought can also influence the way in which a person lives their life, so in that sense, it can dictate to a greater or lesser extent whether the person lives happily, abundantly and fully or they live miserably, in poverty and in a limited and restricted way.

Thoughts are Things

thoughts are thingsThere is an old poem called "Thoughts are Things" in which the author fancies that thoughts can take on physical attributes that are as real as their solid counterparts.

In fact, the poem is not so far removed from the truth as we now understand that everything in existence is made of energy.

It is energy that forms matter and matter is made up of countless atoms of different chemical elements that give it the form that we recognize. Just like radio waves that vibrate at a variety of frequencies, thoughts are made up of energy waves that are measurable and every bit as real as radio waves.

Just because we can't see them doesn't mean they are not there. We can't see or in any way detect radio waves, but switch on your radio and tune in to any channel and you'll know that they most certainly do exist.

So far, we have not been able to come up with a mechanical receiving station that will enable us to transform thought waves into sound or light or any other form of energy that we can sense with our rather limited human, bodily equipment.

But that doesn't mean it isn't waiting to be discovered. After all, no one knew that radio waves existed before Marconi put his theories forward, for which he was unceremoniously placed in a mental institution for his "crazy" ideas, before eventually proving his critics wrong.

Take a Leap of Faith

If you set aside your critical mind for a while and just accept that thought energy is real and will one day be acknowledged as such, just as radio moved from "impossible" to the "reality" you will be better equipped to understand how the law of thinking works. Just as with any new concept, you need to take a leap of faith to be able to accept and eventually embrace it as fact.

Once you accept that thought is responsible for virtually everything that happens in a person's life, it becomes easier to see how this can be.

Thought Runs the Body

the law of thinkingIt is already well known that the body is controlled by the subconscious part of our minds and that means every physical function from regulating body temperature to making the heart beat is under the direct supervision of the subconscious mind.

It is also well known that the subconscious mind is influenced to a certain degree to our emotional state.

When we are happy and feeling great, our bodies actually respond in a positive way.

It does this by creating more new healthy cells, increasing the effectiveness of the immune system and by improving the efficiency of the digestive system and metabolism which strengthens our entire physiology.

Yet when we are sad and feeling low, our bodies respond in a negative way.

This happens by it producing fewer new cells, inhibiting the immune system and leaving us more susceptible to the attack of unfriendly bacteria and viruses leading to illness. At the same time, the digestive system and metabolism are depressed, which weakens our physiology.

But what causes our emotions?

In some cases, outside influences that cannot be avoided are responsible for causing how we feel, but in the vast majority of cases, it is our very thought processes that dictate how we will feel at any given moment.

Thoughts Produce Emotions

If you don't believe it, you can try it for yourself to see. It is virtually impossible to feel happy when you are thinking long and hard about a very sad event, whether it's something that occurred in your own life or it's something you're watching on TV.

Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and fantasy, so it is of little relevance whether the instance that occupies your current thought is really happening, has happened in the past or is being fed into your mind through the medium of television.

It will still directly affect your emotional state.

The logical progression to this fact would be to want to be in a happy mental state as much as possible. That would be in order to promote a healthy, positive emotional state and enjoy all the benefits that will come from it. The best way to do that is to keep thinking happy thoughts!

Think Happy Thoughts!

How can a person ensure they are thinking happy thoughts for as much of the time as they possibly can? The short answer is to make sure that the environment they are in is predominantly happy. Remember, outside influences do affect thought patterns, so avoiding unhappy or negative situations or people is one way to minimize the effect from outside.

But what about a person's actual thought sequences? How can they be made to stay positive and upbeat?

Here is where the law of thinking swings into play.

The Law

The law of thinking is simple in that it follows the idea that:

A person has the ability to be in total control of their thoughts.

In fact, the writer Huxley once wrote that there is only one place in the entire universe that a person has complete control over: and that's their thoughts! Your thoughts can be influenced by what's going on around you, but you get to choose whether you are going to allow your thoughts to be influenced or not.

It sounds hard... and it is! How can you take complete control of your thoughts except by shutting yourself off from the world in a soundproofed vault?

No one said it would be easy! But you can train your mind to follow certain patterns. While you may find it exhausting to keep track of every thought that enters your head, you can train yourself to take control of a large percentage of what goes on in your mind from both a thought perspective and an emotional one.

Attracting the Good

The law of thinking goes on to follow the logical next idea that:

"What you think about you will attract"

Once you have accepted the previous concept that thought is made of energy and vibrates at certain frequencies in a similar manner to radio waves, then it doesn't take too much to accept the concept that "like attracts like."

If your thoughts are vibrating on a frequency in harmony with happiness, then it naturally follows that like vibrations of energy will be attracted to those thoughts. In other words, when you think happy thoughts you will attract happy things to you.

Maybe that's tough to accept, but think it through.

Have you ever been in a prolonged state of thought over a financial problem you may have? Perhaps you have been racking your brains on how to get out of the debt you're in or how to work out what seems like an insurmountable financial problem. That kind of thought is better known as "worry."

When you put out a vibration of worry, fear of impending disaster or depressing thoughts that you are in over your head, you are sending those thought vibrations out into the ether. And you are attracting like vibrations to you. So you are literally attracting more of the financial trouble and debt that you are working so hard to get out of.

You probably agree it seemed that way at the time. The harder you worried over the problem, the worse the problem seemed to get. That's how the law of attraction can be used to negatively affect our lives. So why put all that energy into attracting more of a bad situation to make it worse? Would it not be better and more sensible to put all that energy in attracting a good situation or a solution into our lives instead?

To do that, you simply switch your mode of thought on its head. Instead of attracting more bad things by thinking about them, try thinking about good things. Then watch as, over time, those good things start showing up and displacing the bad.

It really does happen and you can test it out for yourself. It will take a lot of practice and you will not get it overnight. But it will come gradually, in stages the more proficient you get at leading your own thoughts in the direction you want them to go.

Creating Your Own World

How do you lead your thoughts to make them go where you want them to? Well, again it takes practice. You start by quieting your mind and getting used to thinking about absolutely nothing. It has a name and most people know it as meditation, or self hypnosis, or deep relaxation.

Whatever you want to call it, the essence is to place yourself in a quiet environment where you will not be interrupted for a certain period of time. Once there, you then consciously relax your mind so that the noise and mayhem that is usually going on in there gets a chance to quieten down and lead to eventual mental silence.

You must get to the point where you can silence your mind before you can proceed to use it to influence your life in a positive way. This takes a lot of practice but you can do it. Anyone who sets out to achieve this state of mind deliberately and will enough motivation to see it through can do it. If you fail at first, you must not give up but try again and again until you do succeed. Persistence pays off in large dividends!

Once your mind is quiet, you can begin introducing affirmations alluding to the result you wish to attain. With this technique, you can manifest money, prosperity, good health and happiness into your life as if by magic. Except it's not magic. It happens by natural law.

The affirmations should be kept simple so you can easily remember them and then repeated over and over in your thoughts until your subconscious accepts them and acts upon them. This will happen by a subtle change in your predominant emotional state over time.

It will only happen if you repeat the affirmations mixed with positive emotion, such as faith, love, contentment, happiness etc. Merely repeating words in your head will never influence the subconscious mind unless those imagination formed words are fuelled by positive emotion!

Going Forward

Once you have attained a high proficiency in this exercise, things will begin to change for the better in your life as long as you don't allow your mind to slip back into a negative or "worry" state. Keep yourself in an upbeat mood by keeping the bad stuff that happens in the real world as far away from you as you can.

One of the best ways to reduce the impact of the real world on your thoughts and emotional state is to literally stop watching the news on TV and reading it in newspapers or magazines or on the Internet. Most all news that is fed to us via these media is bad news and that kind of information has a terribly detrimental effect on our thought patterns and emotional state.

Think about it! If you are watching a news story that makes you angry, resentful or upset because it tugs at your heart strings or frustrates you because you can't so anything about it, then that story is influencing your thoughts in a negative way and forcing you to feel the negative emotions that go with it.

You cannot be in a happy emotional state while you're feeling anger or resentment about something!

Do yourself a big favour and switch off the TV when a news program is shown. Stop buying and reading newspapers. They don't bring anything into your life except anger, frustration and misery!

You can choose your thoughts and you can also to a certain extent choose what gets into your mind. You can choose to turn off the TV and you can choose not to go to the news stand and buy a newspaper. Exercise that choice and your life will improve in many ways!