Current Issue

This was the current issue of the Tulane International Journal of Civilian Law recreated from 2007 and now saved in the site archive for reference purposes:

Volume 15, Issue 2

Spring 2007


Rethinking Trade and Human Rights
The Contribution of the United Nations to Global Antitrust
Between Intensive Care and the Crematorium: Using the Standard of Review to Restore Balance to the WTO
Remaining Valid: Security Council Resolutions, Textualism, and the Invasion of Iraq
Legal Certainty: A European Alternative to American Legal Indeterminacy?


Benitez v. Garcia: An Extradition Arrangement Lost in Translation
Pakootas v. Teck Cominco Metals, Ltd.: When Outside the Borders Isnít Extraterritorial, or, Canada Is in Washington, Right?
Abur v. Republic of Sudan: The United States District Court for the District of Columbia Denies Extending Jurisdiction over Claims Brought by Nonresidents Against Foreign Sovereigns
Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: A Check on Executive Authority in the War on Terror
The Careless Gatekeeper: Sarei v. Rio Tinto, PLC, and the Expanding Role of U.S. Courts in Enforcing International Norms