Terminating an Employee

If you have an employee that you must terminate, of course this will not be an easy task. However, you must also do this task in the right manner. The person should be treated with respect and even if you think they know the reasons that you are going to fire them, you should explain the reasons. Of course, if they were caught stealing from you, this might be a very hard situation for you as the employer that trusted this employee.

However, the best way in which to terminate an employee is by calling them into your office, giving them your decision, and then the reasons that you are firing them. This may help them later on with another employment opportunity to correct these problems.

However, in cases of theft or other illegal activity, you may wish to take legal action. In this case, you should also tell the employee that you plan to take legal action.

In some cases, the employee has not been at fault, but you need to trim back the payroll for any number of reasons. If this is the case, be upfront and explain this while letting the employee know that you will give them a good reference.

Either way, try to keep a professional atmosphere while showing respect to the employee and things will go much smoother.