Ho'oponopono Course: Become a Certified Practitioner (Dr Joe Vitale)

Using this ho'oponopono certification course for practitioners by Dr Joe Vitale can unlock your potential revitalizing power and release your attractive force!

Take your personal development journey to the next level.

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Master Authentic Ho'oponopono

Just $39

Get the best training of this ancient Hawaiian prayer technique and use its mental and spiritual cleansing tools to help you expand your mind to greater depths than you ever believed possible.

If that isn't enough, as a practitioner of this powerful and effective method, you can share your knowledge and understanding with others that you can tutor in this technique.

Course Summary

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I believe I have grabbed your attention so far, but perhaps you want to know some more. So I'll get into the course and explain it in more detail:

Ho'oponopono Certification Review

I would now like to take a deep dive into the training package itself and provide you with a more detailed ho'oponopono certification review of the practitioner course by Dr. Joe Vitale.

I will look at what the diploma course is made up of (its structure), the pros and cons of the training and take a look at how it can be used by the student to take the training out into the field as a certified practitioner of ho'oponopono.

What is the Course Made Up Of?

The course is a complete package of learning and training modules that take you, step by step through the process of gaining a fuller understanding of how ho'oponopono is used for healing the body, how it works and what it will bring you.

The focal point is the guidebook, which explains the course and how you can progress through it to completion.

There are eight training videos featuring many experts in the field as well as tutoring from Dr Vitale and Dr Hew Len. They instruct you, step by step in learning the processes involved in the practice and how to apply what you're learning in a practical way.

The course culmination is the final examination that you will need to complete and pass to gain the diploma expressing your practitioner credentials from the Global Sciences Foundation. This you can mount and place on your wall as a symbol of proof of your proficiency in ho'oponopono secrets and your qualification to teach it to others.

Pros and Cons of the Course

There are many advantages to taking, learning and qualifying as a practitioner of ho'oponopono prayer through this tuition program that I'll cover below, as well as any downsides to it that I have identified:


In essence, the workings of this ancient Hawaiian prayer technique of forgiveness, love and gratitude is explained expertly. That makes it easy to absorb, learn and understand how, through its mindfulness meditation process, to achieve the manifestation of your life goals.


Course Goals

The Ho'oponopono certification course by Dr Joe Vitale is designed for people who desire to take 100% control of their lives along with individuals that are eager to eliminate every kind of subconscious limiting beliefs.

This is a full-length video course created by well-known expert authors in the field. Its full completion will enable you to help others by passing on your knowledge of this powerful mental cleaning tool while profiting by earning money for tuition and lecturing as you take it forward.

It's main goals for students are to:

How to Get Ho'oponopono Practitioner Certification?

One of the best ways of taking the learning any new skill to a higher level is to also learn how to teach it to others.

That significant step is taken care of in a fairly easy way by our friend Dr Joe Vitale (in conjunction with Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len and healing musician, Mathew Dixon) in creating a full-featured practitioner diploma course in Ho'oponopono prayer.

When you enroll on this course, through its teachings you can gain a greater understanding of the precepts while also enabling yourself to take it to other people and help them to learn, understand and use it for themselves.

It's a symbol of the perfect way forward in your self-development journey!

It just so happens that I am able to provide you with a special link to Dr Vitale's course page where you can buy the whole course at an early discount rate, saving you money while making it possible to get started almost right away.

The image of the book above left is clickable (or tappable if you're reading this on a tablet or phone) and it will take you to the offer page of Joe Vitale's website where you can purchase the full course for a great price today.

Go ahead and discover how you can take a huge leap in your knowledge of yourself and your capabilities and tie it all in with the Law of Attraction and how to use all aspects of this powerful and all-encompassing concept to make your life the best it can be.

If you haven't already heard about this amazing mental problem solving and psychic healing procedure, I'll begin by explaining what it is and how you can develop it in your life.

What is Ho'oponopono?

dr joe vitale ho'oponopono practitioner certification course authorIn essence, it is an ancient Hawaiian prayer meditation practice used mainly for healing and bringing about conflict resolution.

The word "ho'oponopono" can be translated from its three parts which are: "ho'o" (to make) "pono" (right) "pono" (right) or in other words, a powerful means to correct relationship problems.

In days gone by, a "kahuna" or Hawaiian doctor would be called to a family to uncover any problems that might be present. They would then practice forgiveness, love and gratitude and enable each family member to be released from recriminations, grudges and all guilt.

Mirroring what we are only recently beginning to re-learn and understand, those early Hawaiian doctors knew only too well that subconscious conflicts and grudges would eventually manifest as disease and ill health. By forgiving and removing these negative emotions and mental states, harmony and balance is restored along will well being and healthfulness.

Ho'oponopono itself has been modified and used extensively in many different healing practices, which you're sure to discover if you do further research into the word.

In essence, it is a really nice way to bring back the warm feelings of happiness and joy through true forgiveness prayer and acceptance of all things that occur in our daily lives.

If you want to know a little more about this deep learning and mental cleaning practice before committing yourself to buying the course, I'm happy to explain some more about it below:

Ho'oponopono: How to Practice?

The best way to use or practice the Hawaiian forgiveness ritual of ho'oponopono prayer is to make use of it to deal with any negative feelings you may be harbouring when a person or situation has upset or hurt you.

It can be used to express any form of true forgiveness but it's more common use is for maintaining the harmony in personal relationships by practising forgiveness for smaller, everyday altercations to prevent the little things from getting blown up into major issues that can result in anger and bitterness.

This process is mainly aimed in your direction, as you are initially addressing yourself and generating self-forgiveness. Also, you'll include (and forgive) the other person involved in the situation during your healing meditation for self healing and conflict resolution.

The process is an expression of sorrow/regret for the problem while seeking forgiveness and spiritual cleansing from the past to enable you to live happily in the now (the present).

There are four phrases, affirmations or mantra that make up this form of morrnah prayer that you will use:

  1. I am sorry
  2. Please forgive me
  3. I love you
  4. Thank you

Ho'oponopono teachers refer to this practice as "cleaning," meaning that you remove or cleanse your own negative feelings to erase the negativity that is blocking you from your memory or consciousness. It's a way of expressing your wish to no longer suffer from a problem, current or past.

While there are other powerful prayers of Morrnah Simeona that are related to this technique, this course focuses on the core mantra used to such great effect by Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len.

It is quite normal to want to bring about a change in the other person, but this cannot be done. Remember, the only person that you can change is you!

You begin with the first two phrases of the morrnah prayer derivative of ho'oponopono, "I am sorry" and "please forgive me." Whatever role you played in the problem that was manifest between two or more people, the ho'oponopono mantra is used to obtain forgiveness for yourself in the first instance because forgiveness for whatever helped to create the problem is within you.

The next two phrases, "thank you. I love you," could refer to yourself or the other person. Gratitude and love are essential to anchor a heart-based response to the situation.

It is the heart that manifests the emotions whereas the mind alone is not able to resolve emotional distress or negativity.

The heart is your own repository of an infinite store of positive emotions. During this process, you can experience an increase in the feelings of self-acceptance and self-love.

In essence, the use of ho'oponopono boils down to it being a set of mental techniques that can help you live and flourish in the present, not suffer in a distressing past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a set of questions that are often asked by people interested in this healing, mental cleaning technique. Each question is linked to the appropriate place in this site's FAQ page:

  1. How Fast Does Ho'oponopono Work?
  2. How to Use Ho'oponopono?
  3. Does it Matter what Order You Say the Ho Oponopono Phrases In?
  4. Can you use Ho Oponopono on Yourself?
  5. How Many Times Should I Repeat Ho Oponopono?
  6. Ho'oponopono vs the Inner Child
  7. Ho'oponopono Side Effects
  8. Does Ho'oponopono Really Work?

Click on any one of the linked questions above for a detailed answer about this fascinating subject.


To summarize, this very special ho'oponopono certification course for practitioners and teachers created by Mr. Fire himself, Dr. Joe Vitale is a powerful training tool.

It is one that a student can use to vastly increase their knowledge and understanding of the healing Hawaiian prayer derivative and then take it out into the world to share it with other students in the position of accredited tutor. Thus the student becomes the teacher!

Note: As an affiliate of Dr Joe Vitale's Ho'oponopono Certification Course, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Do You Want To Do It?

Now it is time to decide that this is what you want. I have provided a second link to Joe Vitale's practitioner diploma course below. Click (or tap) the link to purchase the course.

However, if you do not believe this is a skill you want to be trained in, you should not buy the course. It is not for the half-hearted or tire kickers. You will benefit greatly by taking the course, learning all it has to teach and putting that learning of this powerful Hawaiian forgiveness prayer ritual into daily practice.

Not everyone will do this and that is what you need to decide now. Will you learn this and practice it daily to improve and enrich your life in many ways? Or not?

The choice is simple and the decision is yours to make now!


There are sure to be many reasons why you would be interested in getting this course and learning how it works and how you can use it through a form of prayer and as a mental cleaning tool to help, forgive and heal yourself long before taking the next step of sharing what you learn with others.

Whatever your personal reasons for getting it, I would like to stress that the onus is all on you to take the information provided in the course and studying it with all your heart and soul until you fully understand it and can use it on yourself for the successful manifestation of your goals.

Once you have done that, you will have reached a state where all past limitations and life obstacles that had gotten in your way will have been lifted, forgiven, removed and "cleaned" from your mind and soul with gratitude. Having reached this new, elevated state of awareness, enlightenment and knowledge through its peculiar type of ho'oponopono healing meditation process, you will be empowered to share it with others to help them heal, grow and have meaning in their own lives as they progress on their own paths.

The satisfaction you will experience from teaching others what you have "more than" learned, have had explained to you, understood and applied in your own life is hard to describe in words. But you will know it when you feel it.

For this reason above all others, once you decide to obtain the course and work with it, you should never look back.

Life will become a better kind of different for certain.

Last Updated: February 11, 2024

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