Passing the Written Police Exam

An important part to becoming a police officer is the written exam. Not every state uses the same exact test as many use tests that are provided by state organizations such as the Peace Office Standard and Training while others use different agencies to create the tests.

The written exam usually various types of questions ranging from true and false to fill in the blanks to essays. In most cases, the tests are often multiple choice. The reason multiple-choice tests are used is due to the fact that only one answer will be correct, thus it is easier to grade.

The tests will include questions in the categories of spelling, vocabulary, and math, and memory, problem solving and reading. Be prepared for the written exam by studying any area that you might think is not your strong points. No matter, which you believe is not your best subject; spend more time studying that subject than the other ones.

You can even find practice written tests for police officers at your local bookstore or library that will give you a chance to get in some practice time. Get plenty of rest the night before the exams and remember to eat breakfast so you do not start to starve halfway through.

For some helpful tips, watch the following video: