Promoting Self Discipline

The desire to grow and develop in a personal way is a trait that we all carry to a greater or lesser degree. Some of us achieve varying levels of growth while others don't.

Whatever the reasons for succeeding or not in this endeavor, there is one underlying characteristic that governs our potential and that is in promoting self discipline in the way we go about things.

Being disciplined in our various undertakings is a choice and one that we make voluntarily whether we do it consciously or unconsciously as highlighted by Crystal Paine.

It doesn't mean we limit ourselves and restrict our enjoyment of life, but on the contrary, we simply avoid the things that waste time and energy and put all of our efforts into those pursuits that promote our personal growth.

How to Be Disciplined

Being disciplined is something anyone can learn how to do. It's merely a case of wanting to be more focused and positive while letting go of the wasteful elements of life that hamper that growth. The easiest way to get started is to follow some simple points:

These points may seem obvious and they are! Figuring out that you need to make the best use of your available time in order to expand yourself is a no brainer. At the same time, avoiding those unproductive things that drain your time will provide you with more time to get productive.

Why People Should Not Watch TV

watching tvWatching the TV has become such an ingrained part of everyday life for most people that it almost seems an affront to their freedom to even suggest they stop watching it!

Yet the fact remains that time spent absorbing the mostly junk visual and aural information that is broadcast by the TV stations is time that could otherwise be put to better use.

Watching the TV news and reading newspapers that will do nothing to improve a person's life in any way. People learn very little from news stories and certainly have no power to do anything about them in any case.

Most news stories are depressing, frustrating and angering. They do little other than to promote negative thoughts and emotions in their audience which ultimately retard a person's ability to grow.

It takes a certain amount of self discipline to wrench away from the TV; such is its power and hold over people. But with determination and resolve, it can be done to great effect.

Being Positive

In fact, by quitting taking any notice of news stories altogether gives a person a feeling of release and freedom as their whole lives are able to enjoy big changes for the better.

This happens because instead of continually having the mind flooded with negative energy, a person can use the extra time they just acquired to boost their minds with positive thoughts and emotions.

A positive mind is much more able to come up with ideas that can be turned into opportunities to grow. It enables a person to set goals and to strive to achieve them, all the while making the process enjoyable because it stemmed from a personal decision to act.


meditationFinding time to relax, quieten the mind and meditate is an important part of self development and growth as it allows a person to expand the very center of their lives.

The mind!

There is a powerhouse of energy and the seat of endless possibilities residing inside your head that learning how to meditate can release so that you can harness this power and use it for your own good.

During this time, all unnecessary thoughts are purged from the mind and an enriching clarity is achieved over time. This clarity of thought is what enables people to make amazing improvements to their lives through a more liberal ability to generate new ideas.

Use this Knowledge

There are many ways in which to make use of this knowledge. Such as taking it to the next level and becoming a practitioner of an important aspect of personal development, the Law of Attraction, to teach this powerful law to others and spread the word on how to attract good into their lives.

Or by starting a meditation circle of like minded people who embrace the elevating properties of meditating regularly to further promote their mental faculties to higher levels of greatness.

When you become proficient at taking control of your mental faculties and especially your thought processes, it can be possible to create the reality that you want to live in. That means it becomes possible to actually manifest money, wealth and abundance into your life just like it was always supposed to be there.

This can mean a switch to complete financial freedom, which is a glorious state that many desire but few attain in their entire lifetimes.

When you start to use the knowledge that the mind is the center of everything you have and will have in your life, don't be amazed at how your life begins to transform and get better day by day. Even by learning things that you may have previously ignored or believed to be superfluous, for example discovering how to read the body language of women and men, or how to generate astounding ideas from simply quieting your mind, can bring incremental improvements to your life.

This is the direct result of promoting a disciplined mind and fostering discipline in actions. It only takes one simple action to make it happen. That is choosing to do it and doing it!