Protecting your SS Number

Protecting your social security number is one thing most people do not even consider. However, once a thief has this information he or she will be able to do so much in the line of stealing your identity. Before handing over your social security number, be sure this company or business really needs the number. Most of the times, your social security number is used for credit purposes such as applying for a loan. The company will use your social security number to learn about your credit rating.

On the other hand, if a criminal has your social security number in their hands they can apply for a loan, a driver’s license, and many other things. Once they use your number, you may soon find that you are in big trouble. With a social security number, individuals can actually take over the identity of another person quite easily. In most cases, as long as you know the number, you are not asked to produce the card; therefore, criminals can use your social security in order to gain a proper photo ID such as a driver’s license in your name. Now, they are on their first step in stealing your identity.