Protection Against Identity Theft

Today, you hear more and more people becoming the victim of identity theft and wonder how you can protect yourself. Thieves have a way of finding out everything they need to steal your identity from simple things such as your credit card, debit card, or even your telephone calling cards. The worst news is that the General Accounting Office recently reported that 750,000 people are victims of this crime each year.

Things to watch out for include emails that appear to be from your bank, paypal, or other internet payment centers. The thieves use a cloned website that looks just like the organization and many people do not even consider the website is not their true banking facility. Remember; if any of these organizations contact you they will in fact use your name instead of just a dear sir/madam. The best way to ensure the email is really from your bank is to pick up the phone and call.

Never ever, put personal information into a form on a website unless you know the website is secure, it is a company you have done business with before, and you trust. Many of these companies, included may sell your information to third parties that will begin to spam you and may even charge your credit card.