Ho'oponopono FAQ

For those aspects of this ancient Hawaiian mental cleansing technique that need to be better understood, my ho'oponopono frequently asked questions (FAQ) section has got you covered!

Take a look below for the selection of answers to those often asked questions:

How Fast Does Ho'oponopono Work?

Depending on what you want to use ho'oponopono secrets for, it's effects can be felt almost immediately especially when dealing with stress or anxiety.

For physical or mental healing, how fast ho'oponopono works will depend on the individual case and circumstances.

Attaining healing or the manifestation of certain desires can happen after several days of continuous and intense work on the technique, but there are no guarantees or timetable to work from. Read the article linked to in the above paragraph for more details.

How to Use Ho'oponopono?

faqThis is a skill that you will learn and practise through the course material and through regular practice you will hone your ho'oponopono technique and gain ever greater rewards in personal development.

In our culture, forgiveness skills are rarely taught, yet a well learned and developed skill will help you recover and move forward from anger, frustration and distress brought about by negative experiences that become lodged in the subconscious and manifest in physical behavioural problems.

This is made possible by repeating a series of short, positive affirmations like a mantra that acts to clean the mind of mental blockages.

It is a practice that you should make time to do every day. Like all skills, practice will make perfect in time.

Does it Matter what Order You Say the Ho Oponopono Phrases In?

The order that the phrases are repeated in is not really important to the process, as cleaning occurs through the repetition of all the phrases.

However, to aid the accuracy of repetition, it helps if you first decide in which order you will speak the works and then maintain that order throughout the process.

My personal preference is to begin the ho'oponopono mantra or phrase sequence with the words, "I love you," and end the sequence with the words, "thank you."

Can you use Ho Oponopono on Yourself?

If you feel that you need to perform the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness ritual of ho'oponopono on yourself to heal or clean something within you, by all means do so.

As a form of self-cleansing, this technique is one of the best there is to remove mental and psychological blockages that may be preventing your from growing or moving forward in your journey through life.

Simply perform the four-part mantra as stated above either silently in your own mind or verbally if in a suitably quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

How Many Times Should I Repeat Ho Oponopono?

The number of times you should repeat that four-part mantra or positive affirmations depends on how much time you have at your disposal to practice the technique.

The course notes state that you ought to repeat the phrases in their entirety at least 7-8 times. However, for deeper cleaning, it is better to continue repeating the words over and over many more tines.

I personally spend several minutes repeating the phrases to myself when I have some spare time to myself and may repeat the full mantra dozens of times or more. There is no set rule to this process, which means you can repeat it as many times as you feel that you want to.

Ho'oponopono vs the Inner Child

In some psychological circles there has been drawn some relationships between the practice of ho'oponopono and the Jungian concept of the inner child.

How ho'oponopono and the inner child concepts fit together can be explained simply as the healing of the inner self being accomplished by the mental cleaning method having similar characteristics to psychologically healing the inner child through love, compassion, forgiveness and release.

More on that concept can be found in a new article linked to in the above paragraph.

Ho'oponopono Side Effects

When we think of side-effects, we generally conjure up an image of a person feeling bad in some way following the adminitration of a medication or drug to treat a medical condition.

However, with ho'oponopono there is no medication or physical ingestion of any substance, so in fact there are no negative physical side effects associated with the practice.

Yet there are several beneficial effects that can be attributed to the practice, such as relief from stress, depression, fear and feelings of guilt without being able to identify the cause with any certainty. The mental cleaning effect clears out the negative emotions associated with long past bad experiences, effectively freeing you from their hold over you and allowing you to move forward freely and without fear.

Does Ho'oponopono Really Work?

When it is practiced in the correct manner, over time the effcets of mental cleansing do work to relieve many psychosomatic problems that manifest as physical ailments.

Depending on the end goal expected by the use of ho'oponopono, a person can expect positive results that accumulate the longer the practice is continued for.

What is the Best Ho'oponopono Certification Course Online?

My own recommendation for what I consider the best accredited ho'oponopono certification course for practitioners is the one I have reviewed in this article.

This is the diploma course created by Dr. Joe Vitale, famous for his inclusion in "The Secret" and his ongoing book publications and lectures. He worked with musician Mathew Dixon and collaborated with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.


There are times when a person may feel that no matter what they do, their problems will never go away, whatever those probloems are.

Yet by fully immersing yourself in the process of mental cleaning and believing that it is doing you only good, then whatever problems you had will diminish little by little until they have finally disappeared altogether.

Only you can create your success or otherwise, through the right mental discipline to work with the technique daily.

Posted: July 6, 2023