How Fast Does Ho'oponopono Work?

When embarking on a new form of prayer-based meditation, it's normal to want to know how long it takes to see results. So how fast does ho'oponopono work?

This is an interesting question to ponder over, especially for students of Dr. Joe Vitale's ho'oponopono certification course for practitioners who have concerns about the length of time it takes before positive results were manifest.

how fast does ho'oponopono workLet's take a look at what's involved with the process and how it can be amalgamated into a person's daily routines.

Working with Ho'oponopono

This modern incarnation of the ancient Hawaiian prayer for healing and cleansing is actually very easy to work with, since most of the technique is centred around the simple four-part mantra of:

"I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."

By repeating these phrases over and over during meditation or at times when you can be in a quiet place and not be interrupted, the energy in each phrase flows deeply into the subconscious. In fact, this mantra can be spoken or internalised at any time in any place.

Each top-level phrase is interpreted by the mind as it is iterated and the interpretations are filtered down to the deeper levels of the mind-set. The process gets to work right away.

The first results begin to appear surprisingly quickly. These take the form of better mental clarity, relief from stress and a feeling of calm permeating throughout the body.

Rapid Results

The speed that a person will see specific results from using a the ho'oponopono technique will vary, depending upon the nature of the results aimed for and what the person is trying to achieve through the ho'oponopono process.

For example, if the person is trying to eliminate chronic stress from their life, the results can manifest very quickly, to the point of noticing a subjective change in stress levels during and after the very first time the mantra is used in a quiet environment.

How Ho'oponopono Eliminates Stress

There are a number of reasons ho'oponopono works almost immediately for stress sufferers and those trying to cope with anxiety.

The most obvious is that by diverting the mind away from whatever is causing the stress or anxiety through the repetition of the above mantra, the source of stress/anxiety is temporarily removed altogether.

In most cases, that cause is the internalised self-talk that focuses on a problem and creates a number of imaginary scenarios where the problem plays out in the mind. This causes the sufferer to feel guilt, anger or frustration as they run through the internal dialogue but without coming to any resolution.

For many people, this internal dialogue exists without the realisation of what is going on. To the sufferer, it is accepted as just a normal thought process playing out.

By refocusing the mind on another internal dialogue, by using the ho'oponopono mantra, a new cluster of positive emotions replaces the negative ones that were causing the stress or anxiety.

Dealing with Deeper Rooted Problems

If the technique is being utilised to deal with a deeper rooted mental problem, such as an irrational fear (phobia) or a physical problem that requires healing, results can take longer.

Each individual case will have its own limitations and boundaries that will affect the length of time it takes to see positive results. Physical healing with ho'oponopono can take several weeks to reach a stage where the real danger has passed and the person's health is recovering visibly.

Mental healing can also take longer, especially when the root cause of the problem is so deeply rooted as to have become subconsciously suppressed, for example in the case of childhood abuse.


The mantra allows the person to reach within and find self-forgiveness for a past injustice that has been central to an on-going series of life failures and mishaps that seem to occur without obvious reason.

Forgiveness is a powerful expression that enables a person to move forward in their life by letting go of whatever has been holding them back. Coupled with stating self-love and expressing gratitude complete the technique that has a powerful effect on the person's psyche.


All in all, the speed at which ho'oponopono works to bring about healing, a problem's resolution or the manifestation of a desired situation or circumstance varies from person to person.

It also varies according to the result desired or the problem to be resolved.

The fastest instance of experiencing a positive result is in dealing with chronic stress, which is in itself often the main root cause of many problems both mental and physical. When we can keep stress under control, we free ourselves of an unwanted burden that could be holding us back from realising our true potential in life.