Ho'oponopono Technique: Acceptance and Forgiveness

The ho'oponopono technique encompasses many aspects of an ancient Hawaiian practice using prayer, forgiveness, self love and gratitude as its basis for healing and spiritual cleansing.

Nurturing self love combined with forgiveness and gratitude creates a powerful energy that can be turned to healing both mind and body as needed, and this technique does just that.

However, before we can turn that energy outward to heal another person, we must first turn it inward to heal ourselves. Whether we know it or not, there are aspects of our self that are in need of cleansing and healing and this is the perfect means to use to accomplish this.

ho'oponopono techniqueWhen you can love and gratefully forgive yourself, it can help you to heal your emotional center, which is your heart.

Once you get to know the beauty and power of this practice, everything will make sense.

The Ho'oponopono Method of Forgiveness

As I expand this information about the ancient Hawaiian art of ho'oponopono, let's first explain the meaning of the term.

What Does Ho'oponopono Mean?

The term used for this compelling practice of forgiveness has beautiful meaning, which is as follows.

"Ho'o" is Hawaiian for "cause," or "to make" and "ponopono" means "rightness," or "perfection". Therefore the combined term "ho'oponopono", means "to correct a mistake" or "to make right".

This forgiveness technique has the effect of cleansing a person's mental baggage, thereby helping to erase negative memories and past errors that may have occurred through that person's life.

The History of the Ho'oponopono Technique

The publicity surrounding a personal experience with this Hawaiin forgiveness technique used by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a therapist and teacher, put the art of ho'oponopono firmly on the map.

This technique was used by Dr. Hew Len to heal an entire Hawaiian hospital prison ward of mentally ill criminals, without ever having to interact with them.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len reviewed each patient's files, applied the ho'oponopono mantra and then repeated the procedure for each patient. It brought about a marked change in the mood, mental activity and behaviour among the prisoners.

After just three months of what was basically remote therapy, Dr Hew Len healed all of the prisoners in the ward.

How to Use the Ho'oponopono Technique

It may appear that a practice this powerful and beautiful would be difficult to do or would require a lot of skill and practice.

However this is not the case. What is easily the best thing about the ho'oponopono method is its simplicity and how it can be practised by yourself or taken to the next stage by taking a course on ho'oponopono certification for practitioners.

The Hawaiian prayer meditation technique of forgiveness can be compared to chanting a mantra or prayer. It is similar to meditation in a way. This is how to prepare yourself and to practice the technique:

Ho'oponopono technique directed at self:

"[Your name], I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you"

Ho'oponopono technique directed at someone else:

"[Other's name], I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you"

While reciting the mantra, focus your attention on the person receiving the cleansing, whether it is yourself or another person. Do your best to feel the good emotions in your heart as you do so.

How Ho'oponopono Works

You can learn how to relieve stress using ho'oponopono, as the mantra is so effective because it doesn't just focus only on forgiveness.

It also addresses three other important aspects of healing, which are repentance, gratitude and love.

Next, I will break down each part of the healing and wholesomeness of the ho'oponopono mantra with a fuller explanation of the part each plays in the whole technique.

1. I Love You: Love

Love is a powerful emotion to use for good. Stating your love is how forgiveness can be reinforced when gifting it to yourself or another person.

This is point at which you tell yourself and the other person (and everything else around you) that you love them.

2. I'm Sorry: Repentance:

You must take responsibility for the event or situation, whatever it may have been in the past. By saying and feeling sorry, you admit responsibility and now you are in acceptance of it.

In this step, choose the issue that bothers you, accept it and say that you are sorry.

3. Please Forgive me: Forgiveness

You are asking for forgiveness for the past mistake that you have accepted as yours. No matter who you seek forgiveness from, repeat it often.

4. Thank You: Gratitude:

Give thanks to the other person, God, the universe, yourself and everyone else. Thank everyone and everything who forgave you.

It doesn't so much matter who you show your gratitude to, just be honest with yourself and do it.

"I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you"

By releasing whatever was clogging your mind with emotional grief, you can begin to attract the things in life that your past limiting beliefs and restraints were preventing you from enjoying. This is how ho'oponopono helps you attract wealth, good health and happiness!


I have covered the practice of the ho'oponopono technique here and explained how easy it can be to use for yourself or to heal another person.

In a later article, I go on to cover when to use ho'oponopono along with the benefits you can expect to experience when you do (just follow that link to read it).