How to Attract Good into Your Life

I think that without exception, people want to have more good things in their lives because maybe they don't have as much good as they think they deserve.

Maybe they are blaming themselves for their current situation but can't see a way out of it.

Well whatever situation you are currently in, you can improve it in great measure when you learn how to attract good into your life.

You have probably already heard of "the Law of Attraction" from the bestselling book and subsequent movie, "The Secret" but maybe you didn't quite absorb the way in which it works and how it can work for you to bring more of the good things into your life.

Its basic principle is very simple and really only needs a short explanation, as long as you understand that everything that exists is made of energy.

The Law of Attraction

Energy molds itself into many different forms from the air we breathe and water we drink to seemingly solid objects such as rocks, buildings and living things. Energy is a constantly vibrating mass of, well, energy!

Depending on its particular form, that energy will vibrate at a certain frequency.

As we can learn in Dr Hoe Vitale's law of attraction certification course, it is simply this: "like attracts like."

I sould point out here that this is not the same as where like poles of a magnet repel each other.

That's how the magnetic force works as the electron flow of magnetic energy must flow in one direction. But vibration, frequency and energy work differently.

Since vibration energy oscillates on a wide range of different frequencies, like frequencies of vibration attract their like. That happens when a mass of energy is vibrating on the same frequency as another mass of energy.

They will attract to each other, no matter how close or far away from each other they are. They will still attract.

If you can get your mind around that concept, then the next one shouldn't be so tough.

Thoughts are Energy

thoughts are energyWhen I said that everything is energy, I do mean everything.

Even a thought, which is something we would never otherwise view as anything more than a fleeting instance in our minds, is made up of energy.

As such, a thought vibrates at a certain frequency. Depending on what the thought is about and what kind of emotion is going on back of the thought, it will vibrate at one frequency or another.

Here's the interesting part.

If your thought is actually something you desire, such as some good you want in your life and it is backed up by a corresponding emotion and is given enough power by prolonged, intense thought, then it will attract the very thing you are concentrating on. Now that doesn't mean you can go crazy thinking about that new car you want and it will magically appear on your drive.

It will eventually get there if you make it your most prominent desire and then listen to the ideas that you generate that will lead you to doing something that will result in you being able to buy the car. This is in effect a law of ideas.

What you are attracting is a collection of ideas that will, if acted upon, set the wheels in motion that will result in you getting the thing you desire most.

Thoughts are Things

When you put things into context and realize that you can attract the things you want and by a process they will be attracted to you as long as you fulfil your end of the deal and do what is necessary to bring them into form, then you can see that you really can attract good things into your life.

It's like using your imagination to create your life for you in the way you want it to be.

The downside is that most people are thinking about the things they do not want. It goes back to the point about switching on the light to get rid of the darkness.

You can't focus all your attention on getting rid of something you don't want in the hope that you will then get the thing that you do want. It doesn't work like that.

You will get what you focus on most.

As an example, if you are focusing hard on getting out of debt, you will simply attract more debt. You may argue that you are thinking about getting "out" of debt.

But it doesn't matter whether you are thinking about getting out or getting into debt. If you are thinking about debt, then you will attract debt!

The same goes for worrying over not having enough money. You will be giving all your attention and all of your thought power to the idea of "not enough money" so what you will attract more of is "not enough money."

Whether you want that situation or not, that is exactly what you will be manifesting in your life!

Change your internal self-talk that goes on all the time in your thoughts into feeling so happy and gratefgul that you have an abundance of wealth. And it won't be long before you discover how to manifest money in your life in ways that may not have been open to you before.

Put it Behind You

This may take some mental effort on your part, but by training yourself in the art of meditation, you can make things easier by taking control of what you are thinking.

To truly stop attracting more debt, you have to figuratively turn your back on that idea and focus on its polar opposite, which is prosperity.

You need to put all of your thought energy into this law of thinking so you are actually thinking, living and breathing prosperity, abundance and goodness. And by giving those things all your attention, the idea of debt will fade away through lack of attention and you will then attract prosperity.

This may take some practice and a good measure of self discipline but it is absolutely doable. When you mix those good thoughts of prosperity, goodness and abundance with positive emotions of happiness, joy and eager expectation, then you will hurry up the process and ideas will start coming to you seemingly out of the blue on how you can work towards prosperity and goodness.

That's how the Law works and it works every time with every person. Learn to use this law correctly and you will amaze yourself at what you are capable of achieving, such as bringing more good into your life!