The Power of Belief

What you believe in has the ability to create a certain situation, whether positive or negative. The power of belief is available to us all to take advantage of if we so wish.

How are you making use of your belief system?

Are you using it to develop a positive way of life? Or are you misusing it to create a miserable existence for yourself?

the power of beliefWhen you wholeheartedly believe in something, it can literally become your reality!

How to Use Belief

There are two ways in which you can make use of your belief system, as already mentioned above, which is in a positive way or in a negative way.

Either way, you are the one in control of what you believe.

However, many people don't realize this to the extent they need to and life in general manages to take over and create their reality for them because they are led to believe the things that other people want them to.

This is very obvious in the way advertising is done, especially when it uses the additional persuasive power of audio and visual combined in the medium of the television, movie theatre or video watched over the Internet.

Your job is to wake up and realize what it is you are being persuaded to believe by others as opposed to what you truly believe as your own intended result.

In other words, you can stop being persuaded to believe what the advertisers and governments of this world want you to believe by taking control over what you expose yourself to (your mind particularly).

How to Take Control of What You Believe

I already mentioned the almost limitless power of persuasion available to advertisers of just about anything when they use audio-visual media like TV, video etc.

If you are happy to let someone else direct your life, then go right ahead and keep watching what you're watching on TV and video. Congratulations, you are blissfully brainwashed and unaware of it.

If you are not happy to be told what to do, say or even think by someone else, you need to take control of what you are allowing into your mental space.

The best way to do this is to stop watching TV and videos!

You can learn to use your time more effectively and invoke the law of attraction to strengthen your resolve and your ability to look inward for knowledge and understanding. You can do this instead of allowing the media to flood your senses with its lies.

How Your Minds Are Captured

The problem is most people don't want to give up that form of what they see as ″entertainment″ despite the constant interruption by those widely accepted commercial breaks. The amazing need that many people feel to watch the news several times each day is evident.

The majority of TV news programs are designed to attract viewers and hold them, through the use of tense, suspense-building background music accompanying headlines designed to grab your attention so you feel you have to keep watching to find out more.

Then the stories themselves are almost always bad news stories that make you angry, feel frustrated because you're powerless to do anything about them and anxious because often the stories are heartbreaking or terribly sad. That's because the news writers know that human nature causes people to be drawn to and feel empathy with sad stories.

Interwoven into those news stories are subtle brainwashing techniques to trick you into believing whatever the controllers of the news channels want you to believe.

Believe this: You are being lied to, tricked and bamboozled into believing false truths.

Don't believe it?

Of course, it's natural to rebuke any suggestion that a trusted news service could be doing anything but simply reporting what is going on locally and in the world. They couldn't possibly be trying to brainwash you (note of sarcasm). Why would they?

Well, take a look at this:

The Placebo Effect

You are doubtless aware of the placebo effect, where a dummy pill is substituted for a real medication and given to a sick person and that person recovers from their illness despite not receiving any actual medication.

The way that works is the patient is convinced the pill is a real medication. Their own belief system accepts this and acts to heal the body, in many cases faster and more thoroughly than if they had taken the real medication.

The mind is certainly a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Together, the mind and the physical body are designed to maintain physical health. That's a major facet of our physiology. We can self-heal from most physical trauma, infection and illness as long as we believe we can and the injuries or infection are not so serious as to be beyond healing.


A similar process is in action when we use mental techniques such as ho'oponopono to heal the body. The mind is trained through repeated mantra-like phrases to bring about a positive field of energy in the body that assists in the healing process just like a non-physical placebo.

The placebo triggers the mind's belief system to accept that it is the main player in affecting the body's healing. The body's natural resources swing into action to bring about the healing and the patient is healed!

An onlooker can see clearly the placebo did nothing to create any healing effect. The patient cannot.

This is the very same thing that is going on right now and has been for decades with regard to governments and elitist industrial powers controlling what the masses think, feel and believe through their most powerful weapon: The audio-visual media.

It is also the very same thing as an onlooker (an awake, aware person) being able to see what is going on clearly when the masses that are being controlled cannot.

For most people, what they cannot see, they will not believe.

I dare you to try and convince a brainwashed person that they are brainwashed!

This is the absolute power of a person's belief system. Once they believe something as truth, no matter if it's a blatant lie, they accept it as truth and nothing will change their minds.

What Do You Believe?

What is the state of your mind?

Are you aware that you are being tricked, lied to and brainwashed?

The final choice is yours to make. Either you accept what you're told and believe the truth you've been coerced into believing and have always believed.

Or you wake up, look again at what you believe and question its validity.

The moment you start making use of self-dicsipline (and keep on doing that) you will begin to see the cracks appearing in the facade that has been woven around you and some things will just start to look wrong. The more you question things, the more you will see the real truth unfolding and you will begin to accept that everything you have believed all your life is not really what it appears to be.

You can and will be able to change your paradigm to one that is best suited to creating a positive and fulfilling life.

Then and only then will you start to really use your mental faculties properly and start thinking for yourself. And believing your own intuitive reasoning.

An aware person's power of belief is greater than that of those that would try to control us.