How Ho'oponopono Heals Your Body

To discover how ho'oponopono heals your body, you must first understand how it heals your mind through a cleansing process that is both powerful and effective.

Let's start by looking at what might lie behind the facade of our personality that we present to the world.

As human beings, one thing we can be quite certain about is that while we may be the highest form of life that we know about on this planet, we are not perfect in every way.

how ho'oponopono heals your bodyFar from it.

Life Experiences

As we go along the journey that is our life from the beginning to where we are are at the present moment, we accrue any number of mishaps, make any number of mistakes and suffer any number of unfortunate incidents of varying degrees of severity.

Each incident that we experience has an effect on our personality as it develops, either in a positive way or a negative way. The positive experiences are blessings to cherish. The negative experiences are lessons that we must learn from.

For some people, especially early in life, some negative experiences can be so distressing, so utterly devastating that the immature mind simply cannot deal with them at the time.

For each instance, the entire experience becomes what is known as repressed. This means it has become so deeply buried in the depths of the memory that as we grow to maturity, the conscious mind has no way of knowing of their existence.

Repressed Memories

However, the incident really happened and there is a memory in existence. There is just no access to it.

Repressed traumatic events have a way of trying to let us know of their existence by creating abnormal behavioral patterns. These patterns can be considered relatively minor, such as a nervous tick, greater than reasonable shyness or a propensity to bite your nails, for example.

Some patterns can become quite severe, such as irrational fears (phobias), seemingly groundless anxiety, depression or even outwardly physical traits such as allergies or autoimmune conditions.

No Apparent Physical Cause

While doctors are often stumped by many such conditions that seem to have no visible physical cause, psychologists can uncover hidden causation that leads back to traumatic events in early life.

While medical science has no answers aside from prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms that are displayed in patients and the psychological sciences may in certain cases be able to find the root cause of the symptoms, neither have the tools to bring about a realistic and permanent cure.

That does not mean there is no cure. It just means that another method must be used.

One such method is a derivative of ancient Hawaiian prayer techniques, called ho'oponopono.

You can read more about this in my article: Ho'oponopono Course: Become a Certified Practitioner (Dr Joe Vitale).

How Does Ho'oponopono Work?

The method for performing the ho'oponopono technique is relatively simple, as it entails repeating a simple chant to yourself over and over.

However, there is rather more to it than just saying a few words to yourself.

The power is in the import of those words combined with how they are spoken and experienced at the same time. The chant is thus:

The four lines may be repeated in any order and you are encouraged to find a sequence that feels "right" to you. The way I have listed them above is the order that feels right to me. You can learn how these four lines possess so much power when you see what Joe Vitale's ho'oponopono certification course is made up of.

How Do Words Heal the Body?

What you have to understand with this technique is that these are much more than mere words. Each phrase is a powerful cleansing mantra that has a direct effect on your psyche.

If you also accept that the body is controlled by the mind and everything that goes on in the body is a reflection of what is going on in the mind, it is easier to grasp the concept that healing the mind is first necessary before the body can be similarly healed.

I'll pull the mantra apart as simply as I can.

I'm Sorry

Admitting you have something to express sorrow for, stimulates hidden memories to make themselves known in order to comply with the admission of sorrow.

What is happening here is you are not qualifying what you are sorry for, or why you are sorry. Just that "I'm sorry."

Since this bypasses the logical faculty of the consciousness (because it can't apply reason to a statement with no qualifying subject), it causes the mind to search for a reason why you're sorry. It may not find it, but the suggestion has been planted that it is indeed there (somewhere).

Forgive Me

Asking for forgiveness is inwardly turned, causing more activity in the subconscious processes of the mind to find a reason why you are asking to be forgiven.

What do you want to be forgiven for? You have not qualified this either, so the mental faculties are forced to go to work to locate the source of what requires forgiveness.

I Love You

Here is a very powerful inward facing statement reinforcing self love, which is necessary for your self growth, along with the reinforcement of your self worth and self esteem.

By stating your love for yourself, but not in a conceited way, rather a pure, unconditional way, you release a number of mental blockages that will have been erected to protect you from the world outside.

Thank You

The final statement is simply an expression of pure gratitude. Again, this is unqualified on purpose.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that enables the psyche to go deep within to seek for all things that you are grateful for.

Combining the Mantra

When speaking the mantra repetitively, an important factor to be included is to have no other interrupting thoughts or feelings occurring at the time. The best mental environment for this is one of emptiness, with no logical or reasoning activity from the mental faculties.

The combined unqualified statements following one another over and over creates a mental shift in perception that has the effect of unblocking or cleansing the mind of the emotional reaction associated with the hidden memory of each past traumatic event.

These emotions will always be negative and debilitating, most often being those of guilt or resentment, inadequacy or failure mixed with anger, frustration, fear and sadness.

The progression of being (and feeling) sorry for and asking forgiveness for an unknown, then reminding the self that it is loved and gratitude is offered unconditionally, creates the setting for such strong negative emotions to be released, freeing the mental blockage and healing the mind.

As a by-product of this process, excessive or even chronic stress is relieved by ho'oponopono, adding a further layer to the healing process.

The Mind Heals the Body

When the inappropriate behavioral patterns are freed from the repressed cause and its associated negative emotional gaoler in the mind, the body follows the directive of the mind and the physical symptom decreases to nothing, or zero.

For example, a bad case of dermatitis may have no logical cause from the doctor's viewpoint, as it never completely clears up no matter what topical cream you apply for how long.

But when the repressed mental cause and its associated emotion that was causing the body to react in an inappropriate way is removed, the symptom suddenly disappears.


This happens for any number of physical symptoms that express themselves as illnesses, allergies, or other medical or psychological conditions that appear to have no basis in medically measurable cause.

The process appears to break the bonds of attraction in the mind with the past traumatic events. When this mental cleansing technique is applied and the physical symptoms vanish, it's almost like magic!

Only it's not magic.

It's merely the use of ho'oponopono being applied in a situation where physical or medical treatments are not effective.