How to Manifest Success

Attaining success in one or more areas of life is a dream many of us share, but knowing how to manifest success can be the common denominator that separates those that achieve it and those that do not, at least to some extent.

First of all, it's important to define what success means to you and in what area of life you want its manifestation to occur.

What is Success?

manifest successThe meaning of success can be different for different people, depending on their situation at this point in time and where they want to be at some future point.

Here are some examples:

Each of the above examples may be very different from each other, but to an individual with a desire to attain the end result of one of them, its attainment is success in their eyes.

So to be successful could be defined as the attainment of one's greatest desire or the fulfilment of one's greatest dream. It is a personal goal achieved or a desire fulfilled and recognized as such by members the person's family, friends or acquaintances.

I'll cover the point of recognition a little later.

How to Attain Success

The starting point then is knowing exactly where you are right now. You need to know and be very certain this before you can plan your move to a higher point in life and your success becomes manifest.

I heard a great analogy that highlights this point very descriptively:

Imagine being dropped out of an airplane with a parachute and landing somewhere but not knowing where you landed. You are without any maps or prior knowledge of the drop zone but you know you need to get to a certain location.

Although you know exactly where the target location is, it does you no good if you don't know where you are to begin with. If there are no familiar landmarks that you can see, which way do you go?

Does your target location lie to the north? Does it lie to the west?

This dilemma is the equivalent of wanting to reach a goal in life. You may know exactly what that goal is but if you don't know where you are to start with, you could be making it very difficult to reach it because you won't know which direction to take initially.

So you must identify your staring point (where you are now), then plan the path to your goal. Follow that plan to the letter using mental discipline to assist you and with sufficient determination and persistence, you will ultimately reach your goal.

Recognizing Success

recognizing successOnce a person has become successful in their endeavors, there is a great feeling of self satisfaction of course. For some people, that personal euphoria can be enough. However, it may not be enough for everyone.

For instance, a person that desires fame in the public eye, just becoming a movie star is not enough. They may also crave the recognition of the public by experiencing the kind of positive feedback from fans and well-wishers that feeds their ego and gives confirmation that their success is actively accepted and shared by a wider audience.

A similar scenario may be experienced by someone desiring fame and power as a successful politician for example. Being elected by the population to a senior government post and being accepted by the public are two sides of the achievement necessary for the person to feel like they have truly achieved a successful outcome.

So for many people, not only is the attainment of their goal seen as being successful, but that accolade needs to be recognized as such by others, especially those close to the person for it to be fully realized to their satisfaction.

Can Success be Manifested?

This leads us to the subject that many want to know. Can your own success be manifested and how can that be done?

When we go back to the law of attraction and the characteristic that states that we attract to us that which is in harmony with what we are transmitting to the universe. So if we set it in our minds using our imagination that we want to realize a goal that would be considered successful and think about it constantly, that goal should be attracted to us like a magnet.

That's the commonly believed method that ought to bring our greatest desire to us as long as we focus on its coming and more importantly that we have already achieved and are experiencing it right now. To add power to that scenario, we must also add positive emotional power to the thought process to cause the outcome to be more readily attracted to us, while making use of a mental cleaning technique like ho'oponopono to clear the mind and sharpen its focus.

However, all the wishing, dreaming, repeating of affirmations and hoping in the world will not magically bring success to us. At least it won't unless we add one further magic ingredient to the mix.

That magical ingredient is action.

While it is important to focus on achieving our goal, we must also take positive and real action in the physical world to bring about the success we desire.

Creating Manifestation

successful musicianThe reality of life is that while we as a race may one day evolve our mental capabilities to be able to manifest whatever we think about, we have not yet achieved that level of mental supremacy. That means we still have to involve some good old fashioned physical hard work to assist the process of manifestation.

The physical work will generally involve being active in making the personal improvements needed to justify receipt of the goal we have set for ourselves. That work will be different for each person depending on what their goal actually is.

For example, to become a world class musician, you will need to practice your musical instrument daily for possibly many years until you reach a level of proficiency that would qualify you to claim that achievement. In that scenario, there can be no shortcut or easy way, because to be, say an incredible piano player, your hands, fingers and posture as well as the positioning and hand movements need to have been learned by the body to the level of expertise needed to be considered a maestro.

Another example is the desire for financial success, where it's not enough to know just how to manifest money. You need to know how to set into operation a plan of action that will generate that wealth by multiplying your starting capital to the point where it is self generating more money than you can realistically spend.

The main point to know is that no matter what you want out of life and how successful you want to become in whatever area you choose, you need to combine your mental capabilities in generating the initial desire, the idea needed to set it in motion and the plan to follow through on to gain the goal and experience the success it entails.

Manifestation of success is real and obtainable. It just needs a helping hand by you to make it happen!