When to Use Ho'oponopono

There are number of reasons why it can be helpful to know when to use ho'oponopono to gain the most benefit from the technique as well as to infuse the mantra with energy from your emotional center.

The primary use for ho'oponopono is of course for healing yourself or another person through the power of forgiveness, repentance and love.

In this sense, it can be used at any time. You can be walking down a quiet street, sitting comfortably in a quiet place, or even laying in bed before you go to sleep and be actively cleaning your mental and emotional space.

when to use ho'oponoponoHere are a few examples of when and why ho'oponopono can be used for yourself:

Benefits of the Ho'oponopono Method of Healing

While ho'oponopono is a forgiveness technique, there are a number of other benefits to its practice.

The benefits can be increased measurably by becoming an expert in the skill by taking a ho'oponopono certification course for practitioners and, in time, teaching it to others.

Here are some of those benefits:

Your relationships will be better if you use ho'oponopono to show forgiveness:

Sometimes, we believe that the other person is responsible for conflicts that involve us. The problem with this mindset is that this can lead to strained relationships.

Using the ho'oponopono prayer method helps us to understand the problem and accept responsibility. This change in perception can help us become a better version ourselves.

Ho'oponopono brings you emotional stability in life:

The ho'oponopono method can help us remove negative energies that influence us and restore our emotional balance. A certified ho'oponopono practitioner experiences a sense fulfilment and freedom by breaking down negative energy and joining forces with new insights.

Ho'oponopono is a symbol of forgiveness:

We often hold on to memories that cause us shame, guilt, shame, pain, and fear. These memories are those that play in our heads, disrupting our peace. These memories can be cleansed and neutralized using this method which will allow us to release the limiting emotional shackles associated with them and allow us to make many new, happy memories. You can also discover how to relieve stress with ho'oponopono as it calms the mind and relaxes the body.

Ho'oponopono can help you attract wealth:

Through the practice of this method, we can cleanse the mind of emotional blockages that limit our thinking and restrict our potential for growth. By setting our minds free to expand, we can create ideas that can lead to financial growth. This is how ho'oponopono helps you to attract wealth!

Ho'oponopono can give you a sense of power:

Sometimes, our mistakes and the situations that make us feel weak often make us feel powerless. We believe we are powerless because we don't have control over what happens. This can lead to a degradation in our health and well being. Ho'oponopono practice teaches us that we can control our circumstances and have the ability to alter them. In this way, using ho'oponopono heals your body and improves your overall health. You will feel independent and secure through the practice.


In essence, practising ho'oponopono can be done at any time in any place where you have sufficient peace and quiet without being disturbed by other people or incidents.

The best times are when you are alone and feeling safe in a quiet place, either sitting or laying down or out and about walking around in a natural, peaceful setting.

You can increase the effectiveness of the ho'oponopono technique by creating a list of the things you feel that you need forgiveness for. Then, use this ancient Hawaiian prayer meditation method to bring good into your life and before too long you will experience the magic happening.