Hawaiian Prayer Meditation

One of the best ways to achieve deep relaxation, inner peace and balance is through a Hawaiian prayer meditation technique known as ho'oponopono which can be learned, mastered and practice by almost anyone.

The Hawaiians use this ancient practice of forgiveness to provide comfort and release from stress for those struggling with the concept of forgiveness.

hawaiian prayer meditationIt is a beautiful form of prayer for forgiveness that has profoundly powerful positive effect on the human psyche.

This ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness serves two purposes:

  1. A communication tool for reconciliation
  2. A means for restoring self-love

It works in practice as a self love mantra, which is also very easy to work with, which surprises many that try it.

What Does Ho'oponopono Mean?

Ho'oponopono literally means to "make things right" or "make things move back into balance."

It can be considered a very Zen concept. In Hawaiian, the word "pono" is a term that means "life," and "balance". If everything is in balance, then nothing can be unbalanced or "off."

This prayer can be chanted over and over to purge the body of any guilt, shame, haunting memory, ill will or other negative feelings.

It is a deeply resonant forgiveness practice that can penetrate our inner monologue over the course of time.

It is possible to learn about this technique in great detail by taking a ho'oponopono certification training course for practitioners authored by Dr. Joe Vitale (follow the link to the relevant page on this website for a full review).

Mental Cleansing

mental cleansingAs a form of meditation, you can chant the following mantra while sitting with your eyes closed.

What follows is the ho'oponopono prayer:

"I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you."

That's about it. This is all you need. "I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you."

This is touching, especially considering how universal and simple these words are.

Reciting these four phrases regularly can help you develop self-love, self-esteem, and self-esteem when it is most needed. It's a soothing lullaby for the self, and an insightful way to forgive others.

Offering Apology

This traditional Hawaiian forgiveness prayer is powerful because it requires that you first acknowledge the wrong done and then apologize.

It is universally necessary to have others acknowledge our feelings. As a part of the practice of ho'oponopono you first need to acknowledge that wrongdoing exists.

This is a way of acknowledging those feelings. Only then can you forgive yourself and others.

Love Yourself

As the final step, acknowledge your love for others and yourself.

People make the mistake of thinking forgiveness is a complete absolution or an erasure of wrongdoing. It is futile as it ignores hurt feelings which will inevitably return if not addressed.

By embracing unconditional forgiveness, ho'oponopono can heal your body as well as your mind and emotional state.

The Meditative Mantra

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically to relax and then begin saying to yourself the mantra:

"I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you... I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you..." continuing over as many times as you are comfortable with.

Let the message resonate by ending with a few minutes of silence.

Open your eyes. Take a moment to contemplate how you feel at that moment.

It may be more difficult to accept this method if you're someone who tends to be tough on yourself, but regardless of that, it is still well worth trying to see how it affects you.


Using this technique regularly can help you to heal yourself as well as attract good into your life.

The powerful energy of forgiveness and gratitude creates a full-on experience that many describe as "enlightening."

A deeply spiritual, mentally calming effect results from its use and one of the many benefits is the mental cleansing that helps to remove otherwise unfathomable blockages that throttle your ability to progress through life.

Regarding the acquisition of wealth, ho'oponopono can even remove the limitations you unwittingly place on yourself that prevent you from realizing your full potential. In short, relieving stress with ho'oponopono meditation engenders the promotion of spiritual growth and personal development.

The Hawaiian prayer meditation technique known as ho'oponopono therefore can provide a person with the means to live life to the full without limits.