Mathew Dixon and Ho'oponopono

As the musical side to the popular ho'oponopono certification course by Dr. Joe Vitale, Mathew Dixon, guitar monk and musical healer adds a powerful backing to the recordings accompanying the course.

In that course, Dr. Vitale collaborates with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Mathew Dixon to bring the student a wealth of instruction and understanding.

Let's discover who Mathew Dixon is and what he has to contribute to the world of Hawaiian healing, prayer and spiritual well being.

Who is Mathew Dixon?

Mathew is a world-renowned healer, producer of more than 12 different healing projects and author of Zero Limits Music.mathew dixon

Mathew is an accomplished guitarist, with several albums to the credit. He's also Dr Joe Vitale's guitarist teacher.

Mathew approached Dr Vitale to find out more about ho'oponopono. This Hawaiian healing method was the subject of Dr Joe Vitale's bestselling book "Zero Limits" along with his detailed ho'oponopono practitioner certification training course.

Guitar Monk

Mathew, also known as a guitar monk, through his deep thought and friendship, said he wanted to record an album of music with Joe. It would be a unique one.

It would be made up of music that actually helps a person to heal, forgive, release and balance their energy. It would be music that helps align all seven energy centres.

Mathew explains how each energy centre corresponds to a musical note. Mathew continued to research and found out that the music could be played and later mixed in a studio, in such an exact way that it can actually affect each energy centre or chakra.

He explained further that if each track used one mantra from the ho'oponopono Healing Method, then all the tracks would work together to adjust or align your entire being. The goal being to get to "zero", where there are no limitations.

This means that the music will open all seven of a person's energy centres, get them moving and working together and lead them to an experience where they can let go of their limitations and feel as close as possible to "zero" or enlightenment.

Let's take a look at some other publications by Mathew on musical healing:

From Zero

The album ″From Zero″ contains 10 tracks featuring inspired Healing guitar by Mathew Dixon.

″From Zero″ blends modern Flamenco guitar with Ho'oponopono-healing. It musically eliminates energy blocks and negativity. The book and Ho'oponopono inspired it.

It has been infused with the subliminal (below conscious consciousness) message:

"Please forgive me, I'm sorry, thank you, I love you,"

This message is what Dr. Joe Vitale, co-author of Zero Limits (with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len) spoke about. Simply listening can make you feel at peace, at ease and one in the Divine.

Aligning to Zero with Dr Joe Vitale

This recording is a breakthrough that will instantly transform your whole being. You can simply relax and listen, doing whatever you like.

Sometimes it feels like modern science is playing catch-up. They are proving what the Ancients knew thousands upon thousands of years ago.

Scientific research has recently shown that certain beats, sounds and music can be used to heal, enhance mood, and expand your mind. This could even have an effect on your physical health.

But that's not all. I have special new music to tell you about that combines ancient and contemporary, spiritual and energetic to make something truly amazing.

You might be wondering how you can achieve all these benefits simply by listening to "Aligning to Zero."


Your body has seven energy centres. They are sometimes called "Chakras" by some ancient systems.

They are energy wheels which spin while you live and breath. They are there to help you live, even though they may not be tangible.

Keeping these chakras in balance is essential for a healthy and happy life.

Experts agree. Each one can be out of balance and cause problems. These seven chakras correspond with seven areas in the body, staring at the base and going up to the top of the head.

Each energy centre is different. Your life flows when they are all in harmony. These seven chakras, according to science, are also the locations of your hormone centres.

How would it be if all those centres of energy could be aligned and they worked together harmoniously?

How can you align your chakras and make them work in harmony?

In Harmony

One way is to use sound to soothe the mind and relax the body.

Music even has the potential to influence a person's bone structure.

Music therapy is a type of healing for the body and mind. It's something Mathew only recently discovered. Here are where professionals who are trained in music use it:

There are many more. There are many organizations that study music therapy and then measure the results scientifically.

The concept of "healing songs" is very real. However, it is not new.

Music has been used in medicine since at least a thousand years. The ancient Greek philosophers believed that music could heal both the body as well as the soul.

Native Americans practice healing rituals that include singing and chanting. The American Cancer Society recommends music for healing.

Incorporating music into the ho'oponopono technique seemed the best approach to help align your energy centres, considering the obvious healing benefits of music.

Knowing when to use ho'oponopono can bring many benefits in life, while listening to ″Aligning to Zero″ can do more to promote well being than you can possibly imagine!