How Ho'oponopono Helps You to Attract Wealth

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that ho'oponopono helps you to attract wealth when used as part of a mental cleansing process provided by the technique.

That begs the big question: ″How can a person attract money and wealth using this process?″

The short answer is that there is not much point in trying to discover a direct correlation between wealth attraction and the ho'oponopono prayer process, but instead look at how the process clears the mental blocks that preventing that very attraction from happening.ho'oponopono helps you to attract wealth

Realizing the Connection

First of all, it's important to realize that if you have been having a hard time producing any kind of measurable wealth in your life, the chances are that your own thought patterns and prejudices have been actively blocking its manifestation.

That's a big step to climb, but once it hits you, the light goes on to clear the murkiness from your mind. Interestingly, by taking the ho'oponopono certification course by Dr Joe Vitale, much of this understanding is learned.

The next connection to make is to understand that money as a currency is not the magical force you may have believed.

What is Money?

There is every chance that you hold many memories, thoughts and mental programs that incorrectly describe money as something that is bad or evil.

The truth is that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with money. Money is merely a physical means of exchange and is meant to flow from person to person.

Money is neither evil nor inherently bad. There is certainly much evil in the world, but it is related to greed or the misuse of money for nefarious gain.

Associating money with evil is an erroneous mental program that needs to be cleansed and restructured. The technique of ho'oponopono can help with that!

Attracting Wealth

To attract wealth into our lives for good purposes, the first step is to let go of any of those inhibiting memories or false programming we may have lurking in our minds.

Instead of being stuck with these thoughts, we can choose not to view money as our enemy. Instead we can see it as our friend and love it as such.

It's certainly possible to feel as joyful when we think about it as when our best friend comes to visit us. It is also important to find something you love doing in order to get money.

Enjoy The Things You Do

Without a smile on your face or joy in your heart, working for money can seem difficult.

After giving it some thought, you might find that it's a whole lot easier to make money doing what you love doing.

One of our false assumptions is that we were only trained to work for the financial reward. But, it is much more important to focus on the things we are passionate about and incorporate them into how we generate income.

What are you willing to do even if it wasn't for money? We let money in because when you do the things you love, money naturally flows and love to follow your love.

Love Brings Wealth

I want to invite you all to call upon Love, make it your priority and give it all your heart. Wealth will naturally follow when we do this.

You can find your inner passion by pursuing it no matter what the circumstances. You can help others by sharing your passion. The Universe will open doors for and ensure you receive all that you desire.

Make sure you seek happiness and love first. Wealth and abundance will come later. You can release the past through ho'oponopono prayer and healing. Just let go and embrace your present.

Wealth Exists in Abundance

As part of the ho'oponopono stress relieving and healing process, it is possible to observe with clarity the apparent mentality of all sorts of people where lack of money is uppermost in their minds.

This is where more attention can be paid, especially for the person undergoing the process. Much of this occurs within the immediate surroundings.

You can then be sorry for those people who bemoan their lack of wealth and reframe the mental picture to one of enjoying a world of abundance.

As the ancient Hawaiian prayer meditation technique of ho'oponopono has taught me, however, the process is simply to say to yourself,

″I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.″

This is the lesson I've learned and want to share.

The Bigger Picture

People often lose sight and refuse to do the things they enjoy, work longer hours, or on weekends.

People who "made it" or have a relatively large amount of money will tell you almost unanimously that they had to sacrifice a lot to achieve their goals.

It won't make sense to call your actions "sacrifice", when you can see the bigger picture and are able to invoke the law of attraction to help you. You won't even be evaluating what you're currently doing, because you will know exactly where to go.

If you are truly doing what your heart desires, your process will no longer be called "work" and "sacrifice".

Sometimes you have to do unpleasant things in order achieve the results that you want. To achieve exceptional results, it is possible to be uncomfortable without resenting it.

Avoid Looking for Flaws

I've observed many people having opinions and judgments. They are often the first ones to see flaws in other people.

They know what and how to make others happy. They refuse to look in the mirror. They don't want to humble themselves.

Sometimes you have to do the hard things to achieve what you love. However, in the end, it will be worth it because you'll find your way to where you want to go.

Ho'oponopono Creates Desire

The beauty of ho'oponopono means that you don’t need to see the whole picture. Your mental process that already understands how things are better, already knows the larger picture.

When your thinking is right, positive and driven by passion, life will provide you with the best opportunities. Accept the many opportunities that come into your life thanks to making use of the cleansing ho'oponopono technique.


The main takeaway from this is that wealth can be attracted into your life when your mind is clear, your desire for money is wholesome and you can see a clear path to its manifestation.

You now realize that you can use ho'oponopono to release any mental blockages and let go of unnecessarily negative opinions and ideas. This clears the way for good to come your way.

Once the process has done its work, you will start to notice that unexpectedly feature-laden doors are opening for you that have opportunities lying behind them that can and will help you to attract the wealth that you desire.