How to Manifest Happiness

There comes a point in many people's lives where they are creating the life they want but are still unsure how to manifest happiness and the joy they desire.

If this is you, the first thing to get started on is convincing yourself that you can and will manifest the happiness that you feel you deserve and that it is going to be easy!

As long as you have already started along the road to attracting your desires through the use of the Law of Attraction, your happiness often follows along naturally. However, there are still a number of things you can do to help that process along.

Take Action

how to manifest happinessAlthough manifesting is all about making your dreams come true, it requires that you take action to achieve the results you want.

It is not possible to expect that it will happen overnight or in a matter of hours.

It can take some time to truly manifest something you desire, so some patience is required. This is a small sacrifice to gain something that can make such a big difference in your life.

What is Manifestation?

In essence, manifestation is the act of bringing something tangible into one's life by attraction and belief.

If you believe it, it will happen. While there is more to manifestation than positive thinking and willpower, you can make things happen through burning desire, determination and perseverance.

You can manifest everything you desire through your thoughts, actions and beliefs.

Set Clear Goals

Although everyone approaches manifestation differently in their own way, most people follow the same basic principles.

You must first, and perhaps most importantly, know what you want. Your dreams are your only reality, so know what you want and take control of it.

However, it doesn't matter what you want, but one thing is important: Be specific about your intentions. Clearer and more concise is better. Instead of saying "I want to find my soul mate," create a detailed picture of how that person would look, including their values, qualities, and other characteristics.

Write It Down

Once you have identified your goals, dreams, and hopes, it is time to ask the universe what you want.

There are many ways to do this. These include meditation, visualization, prayer, and speaking your intentions out loud. You must be clear about what you want.

Your intention can also be written down on paper. The 369 method is something you might be familiar with.

This involves writing down your desires each day, three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times at night, for either 33 or 45 consecutive days. It can also be as easy as writing a letter to all of the universe.

Work Toward Your Goals

Because it involves collaboration between you, the Universe, and yourself, manifesting is also called co-creating.

Knowing what you want is half the battle. Without taking action, you won't see results.

Spend some time thinking about the steps you can take to achieve your goals, and then incorporate them into your daily routine. If you are looking to make a career change, network with others in the field and prepare for a job interview.

You can also be "in action" when manifesting by asking yourself this question: What would my future self think?

You can and will be more successful by changing the way you think. You can become the person who has, feels, and does your goals, dreams, or desires.

Resistance or Limiting Beliefs

You will also need to change your thoughts and behavior in order to free yourself from internal resistance and limits that you impose upon yourself.

You can tell yourself that you are not good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, or enough. It's a tape that plays for many people.

You will act out of the belief system you don't believe is true or what you want. Because you can't get what you want, so much of being a person is about living in the space you don't have.

Identify Your Limits

It is essential to identify your limiting beliefs before you can move beyond them. Ask yourself the following question: What beliefs about myself are limiting my progress?

Your answers are what you should write down. Write your new affirmations and cross out any limiting beliefs.

Write down your thoughts and feelings, then replace negative emotions with positive ones. If you believe that I am not complete without a man, then write down your answers and replace any negative feelings with positive ones.

You can take this one step further and next time you feel like you don't have enough, pause to think about all the reasons you are worthy.


Removing resistance and limits can be achieved by working with the modern version of an ancient Hawaiian prayer technique called ho'oponopono that cleans the mind of blockages created unconsciously in the past.

You can learn more about that by reading my article about Dr. Joe Vitale's practitioner course on ho'oponopono by following that link.

Using this ancient technique of Hawaiian prayer to clean the mind will similarly clear out limiting beliefs and mental obstacles that are preventing your manifestation of happiness.

Once this is achieved, you will no longer be prevented from achieving your goals as the mental cleansing effect of ho'oponopono heals your mind and body.


Although you might not be able to get everything you desire in the time and order you prefer, it is important that you acknowledge and receive what you do get, no matter how small or large.

Gratitude is the key to attracting good into your life.

You can do this by creating a gratitude journal. Spend five to ten minutes before bed writing down some things that you are grateful for, and any other events that occurred that day.

This will help you get closer to achieving the goals you have set. Then things will begin to happen that will improve your life in some way.

For instance, you might be trying to save enough money to retire and receive a call or email from your cable company about lowering your monthly bills.

Or you may find an informative podcast that sparks an idea for a side-business to make money or grow your main business.


Discovering how to manifest happiness in your life can be a life-changing achievement.

The process of manifestation is something that just about anyone can work with as long as they have the desire to make things happen and the motivation to work through that process.

Wonderful things can be attracted into a person's life, including the happiness that is so important to completing a wondrous life!