Thinkers Journal of Imaginative and Creative Laws

The Thinker's Journal of Imaginative and Creative Laws is a collection of informational articles centering on the natural and universal laws that govern thought, imagination and creativity. What, you may ask, is the point of providing this information and in this format?

Since humans first began thinking for themselves in their position as the highest form of creation on this planet Earth, we have had the amazing gift of creative thought. Creative thought leads to ideas and ideas, when acted upon, lead to invention and discovery of things we didn't know about or have before those ideas came into form. So, when you think about it, thought is our most powerful creative tool.

And every living human being possesses this gift.

Why Do So Few Become So Great?

The problem with the way in which we have evolved as a species is that most of us have put our true thinking faculties on the back burner while we consciously battle our way through what appears to be (and therefore is) a tough existence. The reason so few people ever achieve greatness is simply because so few people actually use their thinking faculty to the best of their ability.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You, me and everyone else has the same mental imagining ability, or simply put, an imagination! All we need to do is spend time making use of that incredibly useful mental gift and we can surprise ourselves what we can come up with. It might be that we simply envisage a better way to live our lives so they don't seem such a struggle. It might be that we get some ideas how we can make more money and enjoy financial freedom. Or it could be that we develop a greater personal health strategy that boosts our physical health in all kinds of ways. Or it could be that we create the way to enjoy better and more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

You can improve yourself in one area by expanding your knowledge through education as you'll find in website such as this: for example. However you would like to improve some area of your life, or indeed ALL areas of your life, you have the capability to do that. That capability lies in the creative faculties lying dormant in your mental storehouse of creative thought!

Most Recently Published Articles:

The Law of Thinking

You're probably wondering how there could even be a law of thought, but while it may not be a written and scientifically verifiable physical law such as the law of gravity for example, it is very real nonetheless. So what kind of law would govern thought and how can it be used to any advantage?
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The Law of Ideas

We can begin this article on ideas by first mentioning that there is no physical law as such governing ideas, but there are, to a certain extent, natural laws that the creation of ideas will follow closely enough to render them reliant on a structure of sorts. Ideas are the beginnings of our reality, the building blocks of everything we know as our way of life. None of it would exist without the amazing human ability to generate ideas.
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Using The Imagination

For many people, the concept of imagination is simply something that everyone does now and then in between periods of logical or problem solving thought or when it is not being replaced by what the person might be watching on the TV set. So intimating that there is a certain way of using imagination to bring more of the good things into our lives is sure to get many people reaching for the "back" button or walking away from the computer or handheld device they are using to read this article.
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How to Attract Good into Your Life

I think that without exception, people want to have more good things in their lives because maybe they don't have as much good as they think they deserve. Maybe they are blaming themselves for their current situation but can't see a way out of it. Well whatever situation you are currently in, you can improve it in great measure when you learn how to attract good into your life.

You have probably already heard of the "Law of Attraction" from the bestselling book and subsequent movie, "The Secret" but maybe you didn't quite absorb the way in which it works and how it can work for you to bring more of the good things into your life.
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Promoting Self Discipline

The desire to grow and develop in a personal way is a trait that we all carry to a greater or lesser degree. Some of us achieve varying levels of growth while others don't. Whatever the reasons for succeeding or not in this endeavor, there is one underlying characteristic that governs our potential and that is in promoting self discipline in the way we go about things.

Being disciplined in our various undertakings is a choice and one that we make voluntarily whether we do it consciously or unconsciously as highlighted by Crystal Paine. It doesn't mean we limit ourselves and restrict our enjoyment of life...
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